Sunday, February 19, 2012



Yes, you heard me right! Finally i grab this thing on and i can't wait to experiment on the colors.
Personally i prefer neutral earth tones and warm under toned shadows. That is the reason why i bought this palette. I really love all of the colors. It is a good quality and a worth it palette. You have 12 colors that can make several looks.It comes with a mini primer potion UDPP and good karma shadow brush.

Personal fave colors: Buck, Sin, Half-Baked, Smog, Naked, Virgin, Hustle

Packaging: Good but not perfect. It is made of cardboard with magnet seal on the lid. It is durable but not so durable. hahah. It has a velvety feel and i love the design.

Price: Php. 2700 i bought this online on multiply stuff in style

Quality: Superb! amazing. all has nice pay off and super pigmented.

Perfect gift for a make-up junkie and friend.:)

here are the swatches..


NAKED 2 coming soon!:)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Imagine you've loved someone in the past and both of you didn't end up together. Time passed by and suddenly in one afternoon, your path meet on the same road. Awkward, weird, mixed emotions are present. It's like you loved him yesterday and now he's back. I experienced that not long ago. After ten months of healing process, i was shocked to see him once again. I didn't know how to react on the situation. My heart was pounding really fast and skipping beats. I tried to maintain my calmness but i find it hard to breathe normally. I told myself to mindfully breathe and relax. I was stuck in a situation where in i was like in the emergency room struggling. It was really hard, even though i made a vow and burned it. You can't still forget someone that once made you happy. Bitter? I was not really. Even if he had his girl, i kept distance. That's what i did, i step back, pretend not to notice him and treat it in a way as if he didn't even exist. Though in the back of my mind, i wanted to go near him and talk to him. My mind prevails this time. I won't my stupidity and craziness overshadow my sane thinking. I think i did the right thing. I don't want to engage myself anymore for more pains and hurts and tears. By avoidance, i could keep my heart from infection. Although there is a risk, i use proper coping skills not to be destructed again. I don't want to fall for him again. I don't want to waste my time for the wrong person. How  do i know that he's not the one? Maybe because, we didn't end up together and there is so much pain that me myself could not endure anymore. Whatever.
BREATHE! i kept on doing this to relieve the tension inside to make me feel comfortable.
I was not ready to face him directly. If i would be given a chance again. I would probably face him and greeted him but i'm tired to make efforts just to have special moments. I stood stronger now. One thing that I realized is that--LIFE IS FULL OF UNEXPECTED MOMENTS and in reality, I'M NOT HER PRINCESS in this MIND-MADE FAIRYTALE. It's better to far. the distal the better so i cannot injury the proximal ones to my heart. i have taken enough EMLA to say all of these.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Boho-ish style

Hey everyone, i just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Welcome 2012!! I hope you all had a wonderful day. I went to Tagaytay for a short vacation with my family.


tan colored wedges. :)


i finally got to took shots of my first OOTD. hope you'll like it.
For comments and suggestions, feel free to do so. thanks <3

Friday, December 23, 2011

let's talk about skin

Hey guys! Many people are worried of having dry, oily and uneven skin. The solution to those skin problems are already here. It's very important to have a good skin before applying make-up, because you know make-up doesn't cover your face, it just enhances features. Sometimes, make-up can make wonders to make your face fresh-looking, radiant and blemish-free. Here are some tips and products that I use on almost a daily basis. Skin care routine is a must-do for every girl to achieve that glowing skin.

OLAY healthy fairness day cream &  OLAY healthy fairness foaming cleanser

POND'S Facial Foam and Facial Scrub

I honestly could not live without a facial cleanser or facial wash. Yes! I am slight an OC(Obsessive Compulsive) person. I wanted everything to be clean and be at place sometimes. Well, I personally recommend Clear and Clear oil control facial wash, but since i don't have a chance to grab one coz i'm busy, I decided to try Olay's. I think it works pretty well, it has the gel-like consistency, but still I like C&C more. Olay fairness day cream has some anti-UV and it is really nice and it kinda make your skin tone even and a bit fair. I actually use the day cream for almost 8 months. 

Pond's Facial wash  are my second in-line facial wash. They have a variety of stuffs to offer like-- perfect care, anti-aging, pinkish-white, oil control etc etc.. I like them too and use it on a daily basis.

TIP: wash your face with warm water to open up pores and slough off dead cells as you put your facial wash/scrub.


TONY MOLY'S APPLETOX is one of my favorite exfoliate creams. It just does wonders to my face and it has an apple scent which i really love. Apply this onto your face and rub it for 10 seconds and leave it there and wait for 3 minutes and rub it again. You will notice that dead cells sloughs off and you can see them with your naked eye. How amazing! Use this 3-4 times a week.
Available at: Tony Moly --SM Manila, SM North Edsa

OLAY total effects & OLAY active hydrating moisturizer

After washing your face, hydrate your skin with a moisturizer to make it soft and well-hydrated. Using this everyday before and after putting make-up will help your face look less tired and radiant. The seven wonders of total effects is really incredible. I like to use these two alternately: one in the morning and one in the evening. 


My ultimate make-up remover! Pond's Cold Cream is amazing because even the most waterproof liner and mascara disappear with just a bit of this cream. Pond's Dry Skin Cream hydrates your face and you put this after removing make-up and use as a moisturizer as well.


For the sun that hits, here is the perfect way to protect your skin. SUNBLOCK! A lot of pinays doesn't want to get tan and hit by the sun. I have friends that is ANTI-SOLAR. hahah just kidding! Use sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from UV rays.

Bath & Body Works Body Cream

I just wanna share about this because this is one of the prizes i got from our christmas party. Yey! thanks to Mr. Oliver Piega for this one. I actually tried this and it felt so soft plus it smells good.

For your Feet!

For the poor cracked heels, here's a gift for you. TIP: soak your cracked feet in warm water and apply foot scrub cream and scrape the dead skin cells off and rinse.

     To Glam ladies out there. I will put a blog talking about skin care using organic products like oatmeal, egg, potato, yoghurt and other easy to grab food items that can make your face look fabulous and how to use it. 
So keep visiting my blogs! Thank you!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

accessorize it!!

I love accessories and I just can't help myself  but to buy every accessory that would really catch my eye. Here are some accessories that i bought this month.

What's in my HAIR??

A Clip is just right for your long side fringe. These hair clips are really cute and unique. I can say they're really one of a kind. They are korean clips which i bought at the bazaar but you can order online at I love to clip on my bangs and fringe. I love to use the flower clip often when I'm at home. The blue ribboned clip is nice and elegant.


These kind of bracelets are very "in" today. I love to wear it with different shades and colors. This can be the perfect gift for your sister or girlfriend or friends. This adds glam to a Boho-ish outfit. 

Dangling Earrings

Glam up with these sophisticated danglers. It'll add spice up to your little black dress. Feathery earrings are nice when you pair it with a boho-ish outfit and smokey eye make-up.


This trio is inspired by vintage glamour look and it fits well on a saturday night party with a mini-cute black lacy dress. 

Paint your nails Gold! Holiday is the season of shining shimmering nail polishes. I love how this looks like a 24 karat gold specs and it really adds glam and drama to your nails:)

make up in love

Hey everyone! I just want to share about my addiction recently. I'm not a make-up artist nor a PRO. I just love make-up. Here are some of my must-haves and favorites. I'm not paid to promote products or nanything, I just want to share to you my views and opinions about these products. ENJOY!! :))

 EOS lip balm Summer Fruit

EOS lip balm!! my first eos balm ever. I bought this in the NOEL bazaar yesterday.  It's so amazing because i was looking for this product for ages and i couldn't find one that was actually on-hand with such an affordable price. You can use this before applying lipstick or just to prime the lips first and also it is good for chapped lips. I can say that it is a great buy plus the scent/flavor is so nice.:))


NYX lippies!! these products are so amazing. i love nyx lippies. (left to right: nyx round lipstick miracle, nyx round lipstick in fig, nyx matte lipstick in strawberry daiquiri, nyx lipcreams in antwerp and milan.) I super love the matte lipstick and the texture is not that drying and purely matte. The lip creams are just incredible. They last for 4-6 hours (based on experience) even if you eat or drink it stays and they are not heavy on your lips and it has the consistency of a gloss but a matte finish of a lipstick.
(Note: i bought these online in such an affordable prices

All about the LIPS

Dark or red lips are in for this seasons. These are my recently favorite lip sticks. (L-R: Covergirl tru-shine 430, Clinique 18 Vintage wine, Clinique A Different Grape, Clinique 12 Blushing Nude.) I wear them when i put smokey eye make up or heavy liner. It appears that your teeth look very white when you use red or dark lip stick and they are appropriate for night look . Nude ones compliment on smokey eye make up.
TIP: to make your lipstick last longer, apply first coat and then blot it with tissue and reapply your lipstick. If want to make it matte, dust some powder using your foundation brush onto your lips.
(Note: I bought CG lippie at the bazaar but you can order online at  


Start off with a good canvass. ELF Flawless Foundation Finish is nice because it creates full-coverage finish plus it has a pump which is great so you don't mess up. I bought this at the NOEL bazaar but you could order online on
MAC concealers!! on the pot is: MAC studio finish concealer NC35 -- use to cover blemishes and spots and redness and it last long hours and I've been using this for almost a year and I'm still not running out of it. On a tube is: MAC select cover-up NC30-- it is for dark/ under eye circles.
I personally recommend high-end concealer if you want to cover dark circles and it will really work well. As for foundations, i just wanna try the ELF one and I think for everyday makeup this works pretty well and it's not sticky and doesn't have an oily feel. I recommend also loreal's, revlon's  and max factor foundations-- they are pretty amazing.


BLUSH! Two of my favorite blushes on the go. (L-R:  MAC sheertone shimmer blush sunbasque and MAXFACTOR blush 225 mulberry) For everyday, I use the maxfactor or a bronzer but when I'm going with friends or dinner, I use MAC. They're both good and pigmented plus it compliments my skin type which is "morena" close to tan. I would like to thank the person that gave the maxfactor blush. thank you so so much. :))) you know who you are.
(Note: MAC available at Shangri-la Mall/ Duty Free. MAXFACTOR- SM watsons)


My best friend!! this palette really suits everyone of different skin colors and eye shapes. This offers a variety of neutral colors that blends well and it really makes your eyes pop and alluring. This is in a travel size package and it comes with 2 glosses beneath this palette. I used almost all of the shadows in this palette and interchangeably mix and match colors for different looks. I ordered this online


These two drive me crazy Loreal's HIP pigments in plum and gold are amazing and absolutely fit for the season. I actually love to use these for glam holiday look. Use with a primer or a jumbo eye pencil before applying pigment. Skip foundation, powder and concealer. Apply the primer and pigment first so as not make the face too glittery.:) I purchased these at the Noel Bazaar.


Kate gel liner ---> I'm in love with this. It super easy to apply, super pigmented, waterproof gel liner that doesn't smudge and stays on perfectly. Milani pencil eye liner-->great for water-lining or tight-lining. Its retractable so you don't get to sharpen it everytime and it lasts longer though it is not waterproof but it's super pigmented. Lastly, Loreal Hydrofuge Voluminous carbon black is awesome. It makes lashes thicker, longer and fuller-looking. It is waterproof and doesn't smudge off.
(Note: I bought milani and loreal mascara online at )