Thursday, December 22, 2011

accessorize it!!

I love accessories and I just can't help myself  but to buy every accessory that would really catch my eye. Here are some accessories that i bought this month.

What's in my HAIR??

A Clip is just right for your long side fringe. These hair clips are really cute and unique. I can say they're really one of a kind. They are korean clips which i bought at the bazaar but you can order online at I love to clip on my bangs and fringe. I love to use the flower clip often when I'm at home. The blue ribboned clip is nice and elegant.


These kind of bracelets are very "in" today. I love to wear it with different shades and colors. This can be the perfect gift for your sister or girlfriend or friends. This adds glam to a Boho-ish outfit. 

Dangling Earrings

Glam up with these sophisticated danglers. It'll add spice up to your little black dress. Feathery earrings are nice when you pair it with a boho-ish outfit and smokey eye make-up.


This trio is inspired by vintage glamour look and it fits well on a saturday night party with a mini-cute black lacy dress. 

Paint your nails Gold! Holiday is the season of shining shimmering nail polishes. I love how this looks like a 24 karat gold specs and it really adds glam and drama to your nails:)

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